After you have successfully reached your healthy weight and discovered optimal health and wellbeing, the next step on your journey is to optimize and maintain your ideal weight by eating healthy on a consistent basis. Remember, if you aren’t ready to transition at this time, it’s okay! Simply stay focused on your health and wellness journey, stay connected to your independent OPTAVIA Coach, and continue your journey until you reach your own goals.

In Your LifeBook, Co-founder and independent OPTAVIA Coach, Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen provides a breakdown of the various portions of food groups included in a healthy meal — vegetables, fruits, protein, and grains. A meal on your nine-inch plate should be made up of 50% vegetables and fruits, 25% protein, and 25% grain. Remember you can always add more vegetables and less fruit to the percentage.

Dr. A’s recommendation for a healthy meal consists of:

  • Veggies & Fruits. Since vegetables and fruits comprise half of your meals, selecting low-glycemic options is crucial. Brainstorm and then make a list of your favorite and/or new low-glycemic vegetables and fruits you want to try before your next visit to the market! Choose a wide variety of vibrant foods including salads, crunchy raw vegetables, and nutrient-packed berries. Remember to limit fruit to 25% of your plate; you can always increase the vegetable percentage and choose less than 25% of fruit if you’d like.
  • Protein. Eating fish one to three times per week can positively impact your wellbeing; check out the recipe below to get started! Lean poultry is another healthy choice to enjoy but note that red meat consumption should be kept to a minimum. After cooking, your protein portion size should fit into the palm of your hand.
  • Grains. Healthy grains are a nutrient-rich source of energy. Some healthy starches include whole wheat bread, quinoa, wild rice, and sweet potatoes. (Although potatoes are vegetables, they act more like starch due to their higher-glycemic and higher-carbohydrate content.) The portion size of your grains should be equivalent to a tennis ball.

This breakdown provides the right amount of healthy nutrients to balance and satisfy your hunger. Remember, creating and utilizing a strategy to maintain proper portion control is essential.

Work with me, your independent OPTAVIA Coach, during this phase of your transformation. Let’s partner to determine the best plan of action so you are set to create healthy eating habits for life!

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