Yesterday…and today!

Yesterday was an awesome day!  Went to the workshop with Ron to support my healthcoach, mentor, chiropractor and friend, Eric Stofman.  What a fabulous experience and what a way to start 2011.  The first of  5 important things that he was passing on to us, when we begin a process of  exploration and self-discovery, is to go to your imagination.     Everything begins with a thought!  There you will find the difference between motivation and inspiration.  Motivation is when you get hold of an idea and take it as far as that idea can go  –  Inspiration is when an idea gets hold of you and it takes you where you need to be.  I love that.

Part II of my video series was posted on YouTube yesterday evening.  Please take a look & like it….if you do.  It’s from my heart to yours.

If you think any part of my journey resonates with you, call or email me.    My TakeShapeForLife website:

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