why1Over these last so many months, I’ve blogged and posted about current reality, creating new habits, moving forward and generating momentum in our various journeys.  I hope you have found value in them.  Today, reflective of my own journey and after re-reading those blogs,  I’m sharing with you what has been missing in those posts –  a very critical piece of the journey – the  WHY?  What’s that about?   Simply, that when we examine where we are, what we want, in particular for our health, and what we are doing to get there, it’s clear that we need to identify the underlying structure of that process.  It’s who we are, or….our WHY?

Our WHY? is the sizzle….the juice….the energy that sustains our individual journeys.  Many people confuse their WHY? with what they want.  Is there a difference?  Well let’s see:  When asked to clarify what we want, we may answer…”I want to be thinner”…..”I want to be healthier”…..”I want to feel better”.  Those are all crystal-clear ‘wants’.    Is it enough to know what you want?  Consider the next layer in…the WHY?  What will life look like to you once you ARE thinner….or ARE healthier….or ARE feeling better?  What will you do then that you can’t do now?  What will you feel then….that you don’t feel now?  How will your life change when you get what you want?   The answers to those questions can begin to reveal your personal WHY?  How come this is so important?

How many times have you already been thinner….and gained your weight back?  How many times did you already get healthier and returned to unhealthy habits?  How many times have you already felt better and  traded that in for a bad choice?  This, as it turns out, is an ‘oscillating’ structure underneath what we do, kind of like a rocking chair .  Now, there’s nothing wrong with a rocking chair…it serves a specific purpose.  Back & forth…back & forth….back & forth.  However, if you want to go forward, the back & forth oscillation of a rocking chair will never get you there….kind of like an unidentified WHY?  You need a different vehicle.

Our WHY? can become a driver to what we do, creating a different underlying structure – an advancing structure, kind of like a rocket ship!  When we have a clear WHY? and we blast-off, we can go and go and go!  So the incredible value in identifying & understanding our WHY? can create long term success that we never knew was possible – until we acquired our WHY?

So, next time you check out this blog, I will share an important piece to identifying our WHY?fancy hurricane


2 thoughts on “WHAT’S A WHY?

  1. Carol,
    That’s why I don’t have any rockers in my house. Thanks for the great analogy.
    I’m so glad I had a solid why and the doctor made me aware of it.

  2. love your essay on the why…so applicable…first time I have been on your blog…fascinating…as always thank you for keeping in touch…love the saying WANTING WHAT YOU HAVE …was just thinking about all of the things I want but cant afford…your saying has motivated me to spend a few hrs today going thru what I have , clothes, am sure I will end up with things don’t even remember I have that I Love …going on and off maintaining wt but still need to lose 19 to be at goal weight…I liked your comments about holidays and not losing the conscience awareness of our goal…our desire…have an awesome, awesome day and thank you for keeping in touch with me !

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