What Inspires You?

Ahhhhh, it seems like winter is finally passed and spring is here!  Everything is coming out of hibernation and budding with new life, including this blog!!!!fireflies in jar

It occurred to me as the warm sun graces the patio and the squirrels go leaping & bounding about once again, that it’s a season of birth and renewal….of hope and inspiration.   Hence, the question….what inspires you?  Is it a person, an event, a picture or a book or a poem?

As a wife, I’m inspired by my husband, who is my heart!  Brilliant, indomitable, creative, energetic, balance-bringer, and sweet companion.  Life would not be life without him.  I am inspired by his very being.

As a health coach, many of my days are filled with inspiration.  For example, I had a wonderfully, inspiring conversation with a client who is on a weight loss journey and is down close to 30 lbs in 9 weeks.  Wow, right?  What a story!  What an accomplishment!  Someone who has discovered that moving forward only requires the desire and a little support.   Sharing this journey with someone is so uplifting,  Being a part of their self-discovery is a rare and special privilege. What an inspiration to me!  There are other privileges like it, but not many!

Or, how about the friend, also a busy health professional,  a spouse, parent, child, partner and mentor?   The energy and relevance this incredible human being  brings to the table is so stunning, and yet seemingly unaware of how inspiring they are to those of us whose paths they have crossed.   When someone like this enters your life, you cherish the warm friendship, but the bigger ‘receive’ is how they make you a better person.

So what is inspiring you on this beautiful, sunny, warm, full-of-anticipation, bursting-with-expectation and forward-thinking spring day?  Any body, any time, any anything come to mind?  Would love to hear your share!

Newhealthyyounj is back and inspired!  Looking to be inspired and to inspired you!


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  1. My husband is an inspiration to me Every. Single. Day. Whatever challenges he might be faced with, it seems like he just never gives up.

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