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Good Morning….last night we posted my video on YouTube which will by narrative, document my weight loss journey.  What I want is not to breathe huge sighs, giddy excited snippets or glazed-over weight loss experiences.  Goodness knows we have enough of those.  It’s my intention to touch people who feel paralyzed and trapped by the course their life is taking and it’s resulting in unhealthy choices leading to a path of physical sickness…why?  Because that was my journey.   Through a series of events, I was rescued.  Now, I want to play a role in sharing it and hopefully helping others.  There’s so much you won’t see on the video because of time, but as we go along, hopefully we’ll peel away the layers and ultimately guide folks to the tools which will provide a “bridge” from one’s current reality (sick) to their desired outcome (optimal health & longevity).  Join me as I continue down the path.   If you haven’t seen it, the link is below.



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