Why are so many of us overweight and obese now? Lifestyles have changed dramatically over the million or so years that humans have lived on earth, but our body’s design has remained the same. This discrepancy is an important element in modern society’s current epidemic.

When humans were hunters and gatherers, we expended about the same amount of calories we took in. We learned to eat until we were full, because we didn’t know when food would again be available. In addition, the food we had was energy-sparse (low in calories). Our bodies evolved to retain fat so we could survive periods of time when food was scarce.

Modern conveniences such as cars and elevators have reduced the amount of exercise we get each day. As a result, our energy balance—calories in vs.calories out—is out of kilter.

Nutritional pollution
Today in America, calorie-dense food is inexpensive and plentiful. Over 90 percent of what Americans eat is processed. When we speak of “nutritional pollution,” we’re referring to foods that are too high in:

sugar, especially high fructose corn syrup
non-natural chemicals

The aging process
In addition, as we get older, we lose muscle mass. Each pound of muscle consumes about 50 to 70 calories a day. By the time we are 40, we’re burning approximately 1,400 fewer calories every 24 hours. If our eating habits stay the same, we are doomed to gain weight.

Consequence: Metabolic Syndrome
This is a cluster of symptoms affecting over 70 million people in the U.S., and includes high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. It’s strongly associated with nutritional pollution and a sedentary lifestyle. Metabolic syndrome can cause a downward spiral of poor health, and can be a warning sign of serious diseases to come, including heart disease and diabetes.

The medical environment’s response
The medical community’s current role is to focus on treating the symptoms and diseases stemming from metabolic syndrome and other consequences of unhealthy living.
Unfortunately, medications and surgeries do not help create health. The current approach—more “sick care” than health care—is bankrupting both the health and financial state of our nation.

We at Take Shape For Life are focusing on creating a new system of health. Take Shape For Life gives each individual the direction and support they need to successfully create a healthy life.

Information taken from Living a Longer Healthier Life by Dr. Wayne Anderson

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