“Tomorrow is Another Day”!

Scarlett O’Hara may have said it best….”Tomorrow is another day”!tomorrow-is-another-day_take-it-easy

I’ve been stuck at home for the last 3 days (with 3-4 more expected) just waiting out recovery of  a surgical procedure on my foot and am forbidden any weight bearing.   I find I’m trolling TV way more than usual because I can’t concentrate much more than a few minutes because of distraction of pain, medication side effects, and catching up on needed rest from several sleepless nights in a row.   After a while it’s just pointless because no matter how many channels you have, it’s typically the same things, over and over and over again.

What occurred to me this morning is how we use our time.  I suppose I could be cross-stitching or the newest therapy,  ‘coloring’ for adults or even contemplating topics for this blog.  It’s now been 3 days since I landed in this chair and I realized this morning that I’m fighting the feeling that I’ve ‘wasted’ the last 3 days.

On one hand, I might allow myself to go there….to imagine that 3 WHOLE DAYS have gone by and I haven’t done anything productive.  I could have made those calls….I could have composed that email, I could have participated in that video conference.  On the other hand, there are times in our lives when  we just can’t ‘do’.  We can stress ourselves out that time is fleeting and there are surely some things we ‘should’ be doing, or that we ‘need’ to accomplish.  What I’ve observed is that we sometimes drive ourselves so hard that we don’t even allow ourselves to adequately recover from illness, heal from an injury or rest when our bodies are screaming for rest.

So not to put too fine a point on it, but to take the time for adequate recovery, we truly are serving not just ourselves and our own body, mind & spirit, but we are indeed, serving our clients, customers, family or others who tap into our reliability.  Since for a moment in time it is WE who need extra consideration and will in fact be that much better at serving others when this event has passed, if we just take the time to ensure that, by drinking in the few odd times that we need to baby ourselves a little extra, we will be so much the better for it.

I typically spend my time teaching the Habits of Health to others, and how choice is such a huge part of that and how we will, in the end, always do what we want to do.  This is another way that we can serve others by serving ourselves, at least in this short window of time.  So, I’m having hot tea now, nibbling a healthy snack, and I do believe that after that, I will take yet another nap.  This time warrior is making yet another wise body & mind choice, so I can rise up and slay the dragon another day very soon.   🙂  Tomorrow


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  1. Good girl baby! Time for you to heal and recharge! Mary and I missed you & knew you wouldn’t be on. My newest client from our Sunday event, Emefa had our full attention. She was the only one on. So it all worked out!

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