NEW You in Charge of Yourself Series. PART I: STRUCTURAL TENSION


NEW You in Charge of Yourself Series
Part I: Structural Tension

We’re excited to announce a new, four-part series for OPTAVIA Clients called, “You in Charge of Yourself.” We will touch on a four-step process to help you build and maintain the Habits of Health and set yourself up for success! This four-step process can be used for the rest of your life and will allow you to take control of your health and wellbeing. Let’s get started!

The first part of the series is about creating structural tension. What exactly does that mean? According to Co-founder and independent OPTAVIA Coach, Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen, structural tension gives you a direct, visual way to compare your current reality with your desired outcome. The relationship between where you are now and where you want to be created a dynamic tension that serves as a powerful motivator.

The best way to create structural tension is to develop your own “chart” to follow. Get started with these steps:

  • Define your current reality. When you are self-aware and recognize your current state, you will have a much easier time deciding your future desired outcomes. As your independent OPTAVIA Coach, I recommend writing down your weight, waist measurement, or anything else you would like to focus on!
  • Select your MacroHabit. Optimal health and wellbeing are built on six primary areas that together create a healthy lifestyle. These foundations of health are the MacroHabits. Choose which of these areas you want to focus on first. (Tip: most people begin with the Habit of Healthy Weight Management)
  • Select your action steps. These are the choices and behaviors that support reaching your desired outcome. So, if you’re focusing on Habits of Healthy Weight Management, your action steps could be following plan, eating five Fuelings and one Lean & Green daily, drinking at least eight glasses of water a day, and working on portion control!
  • Define your desired result. Your desired result is your future desired outcome. So, now that you’ve defined your focus and your action steps, it is time to define your end goal! Whether it is to achieve a healthy weight, increase your daily motion, or get more sleep, I am here to guide you!

Next, we will expand upon part two of this series, where we will discuss how to create a habit loop. Stay tuned!

Schedule time with me, your independent OPTAVIA Coach, as you begin to create your structural tension chart. If you have questions, or need guidance, I’m here to help support you on your journey!

Thanks to OPTAVIA of setting us up for success!  Carol Roman


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