“Change is difficult at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end!”

Robin Sharma

Decide that you want to improve your health and your life.   In the very second this occurs and you choose optimal health, you change your orientation.

The Process Of Change  –  Start

In the beginning, you simply have to start paying attention to the daily choices that support the essentials of well-being. In the next chapter, we will outline a blueprint of long-term strategies (slow variables), a sort of map to help you navigate your transformation. Once you have direction in the key areas that determine your new optimal health path, it’s a matter of making sure you understand the daily choices (fast variables) that support and determine your well-being.

The Habits of Health

These are the individual Habits of Health, a series of daily choices that forms the building blocks of optimal health. Each positive choice that you make in a single day will make little detectable difference that day, but over time will make all the difference.

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