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Five situations that can tempt even the best of us!

For anyone who has lost weight, it is a known fact that it takes a lot of will power and the ability to form new healthy habits and attitudes Temptationwhen it comes to food. It is not that easy to make healthy food choices in certain circumstances and surroundings. Being aware of these diet danger zones and knowing what to do when temptation is present is the key to your success in maintaining your healthy weight!

Temptation 1: The Work Place!

Offices and other work places commonly have donuts, candy and other poor food choices to tempt us. And, if eaten often, will cause us to gain weight. Your best chance for success in adhering to your Take Shape program is to have a ready-made plan for the day and also enlist help from like-minded co-workers. Suggest bringing healthy foods to meetings, or ask the person in charge of bringing refreshments to choose healthier options that aren’t so fattening. Remember to plan ahead so that you are never caught without a meal and you can keep on schedule!

Temptation 2: Happy Hour!

Sometimes it is fun to relax with co-workers or friends after work, but happy hour can set you up for failure, especially if you have had a stressful day. You will have more of a tendency to let down your defenses and have something that is not part of your plan. If you know you are going to join friends after work, make sure that you enjoy a healthy snack instead of drinking alcohol that adds carbohydrates and sugars and will kick you out of the fat burning state. Also drink plenty of water. Sometimes it is best to just say “no” and stay away from happy hour if too tempting.

Temptation 3: The Gym

Many gyms have smoothie bars and carb/protein bars and sport waters now. Beware of all of these products. Although they may look to be beneficial during your workout, they are usually packed full of calories and carbs! As long as you are eating every 2.5-3 hours and following your program properly, you do not need these products. Make sure that you drink a lot water during your workout. Bring an extra healthy snack and water to enjoy after your workout.

Temptation 4: Vacation!

Vacations can be diet destructors, but they don’t have to be! Vacations are meant for you to take a break from the normal routine and relax and enjoy! As a result, many will totally forget their good eating strategies and “pig out”. All-inclusive vacations are the biggest culprits for forming this type of behavior. You can avoid packing on the pounds by having a plan before you go. Have fun! Don’t try to lose weight on your vacation, but don’t go gaining weight either! Having a plan will help you to make wise choices during your vacation, (consult with your health coach for tips & suggestions!) What if you were pleasantly surprised and relaxed when you return home?

Temptation 5: Air Travel!!

Airports are full of tempting calorie packing foods to entice all weary and hungry travelers. You must be on full alert when entering airports. Make sure that you pack healthy snacks & bring no excuses! Have your lean and green meal while at the airport to keep you from choosing to eat the peanuts or pretzels on the flight.

Temptations pop up daily… Name some that are a concern to you…
What plan can you have ahead of time to help you steer away from these temptations?


Re-printed from the Meltdown Challenge

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