“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I fancy hurricaneremember. Involve me and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin

Hey, I’ve been reaching out to see if you and any other of your friends want to team up with me and a group of others in a fun, “GAME-IFIED”, online Six-Week Health Challenge starting on Wednesday, September 17. We’ve gotten over 20,000 people registered for the challenge and over $42,000 in the total pool but I’m putting a team together personally and want to team up with other champions!

To play,  you simply register online and earn points for eating healthier, being active, drinking more water and tracking your habits. You win money for participation and achieving your goal – either weight loss or weight maintenance. Only a $22.49 buy in gets you on the team and a chance to participate to get to that next health goal and earn a little dough and have a lot of fun in the process.  You DO NOT have to be a client of mine….weight loss is not required and you can do your own plan if you want to. Challenge details and registration is at the link below.

On a personal note, this Challenge may truly be a vehicle to inspire you to reach out for a health goal that in the past may have felt too far off to reach.  You can be sure that there isn’t anything that will serve you more as you are reading  this blog today,  that may accomplish that for you!  Join us and find out!  Launch is tomorrow!

Check it out:

Would love to know your thoughts either way!!!  🙂 1379966_10151911460249313_1782402244_n


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