Well, THIS is a very generous SURPRISE! OPTAVIA is offering special pricing for our fuelings, so I figured you had a right to know!
If you ordered in the past, but haven’t placed an order for more than 180 days, you qualify to receive $75 off of your first order (22-23 boxes ordered through Premier), 30% rewards credit towards your second month (approximately $100 savings, instead of the usual 10%!), 5 free boxes, AND free shipping! This is a total of $196 off your first month and around $100 savings your second month!
Also, all BRAND NEW clients receive the same offer if they have never ordered. If you would like to do this with a friend! Please introduce them to me, and I will assist them to getting healthy!
Offer is good through the 31st of May!
What a good time to do some “Spring cleaning” of our habits…. right before Summer! As you know, OPTAVIA is an amazing plan that provides free coaching support, a community that is fantastic, education to change your life long-term, and structured food plans that are grounded in science from Johns Hopkins and just WORKS! I will show you how to place your order if you were interested in rebooting and brushing up on your Health journey! I am happy to serve you!
Also, please fill out the form below so I can see your goals and we will reach them together! I will be in touch when I receive your health assessment back! Feel free to reach out with any questions!

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