So, After the Challenge…..Now What?

resized8f93So, here we are a breath away from the last moments of our “Thin It To Win It” Six-Week Health Challenge.  How was it?  INCREDIBLE!!!

Turns out, it was the biggest one of it’s kind, with over 30,000 participants, nation-wide!  Imagine that!  30,000 people, in some way or other, to some degree or more, getting healthier!  Is that not breathtaking?

I’m so grateful for those who stepped up to this challenge and I want to congratulate each & every one of them wholeheartedly!  For me personally, it has not only provided yet another vehicle to re-focus my own commitment and share something that’s important with others, but also it’s been a chance to connect with old friends who have always been part of my soul, but with whom life’s travels took a different direction.  These are the ones that made childhood & adolescence bearable with humor and good times.  These memories are alive within and I look forward to adding to them!

You know, as I travel this path, which again, is not a foot race, but rather a day-to-day, decision-by-decision, choice-by-choice journey to a better me, I continue to be amazed!  Having been for a very long time, most of my life, in fact,  at the opposite end of the spectrum of health, I feel like I can write & speak directly to and about what it takes to make a different choice.  If you would know nothing else, know that whatever the challenge, how far away from change you feel or how success or failure has never been a goal or a result, you can at any time make a better choice.

During this last six weeks, it’s been my great pleasure more than anything else to hear the expressions of our team of challengers.  How, “I never knew” or “I’ll never go back” or “what a great experience” have been the commonplace expressions.  This has been a personal journey for many, but the cumulative experience can cause a tide of better habits if we take a few minutes to share how we have grown on this topic over the course of the challenge.  Share it with friends, share it with neighbors, share it with loved ones, and most of all, re-visit what you now know to be a better way and re-share it with yourself!

We’re on track for another challenge in January, but we are still connected!  We’re focused through the next couple of months, which for many can be the most challenging ‘window’ of time throughout the course of the year.  We’re holding each other up….cheering each other on, and looking always forward to creating and maintaining Optimal Health!!fancy hurricane

Anyone is welcome to join us!  Come in and see what’s possible!

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