A successful day starts with a night of sufficient rest.

A handy trick for parents and children is to set a consistent sleep schedule. This schedule allows the body to adjust and expect rest at certain times, making it easy to drift asleep on schedule.

Older children and adults need 7-8 hours of sleep every night, so think about what time you need to awake for most mornings and count back 7-8 hours. This should be your child’s “bedtime.” (Younger children need 9-12 hours every night.)

Sleeping is crucial to health so if you have any questions, I am all ears!     good-night-baby-sleep-on-moon







I am really inspired by the following:
I am now and always will be inspired by those who have made a decision to move forward with their health! When we chat about their transformations, I am inspired by the new twinkle in their eye….or the return of their smile or the sense of accomplishment they feel after setting and reaching goal after goal after goal.



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