Saturday Night

Last night we had a wonderful evening with friends and those we consider “family”.   There was a “Princess Posse” there….4 little girls between 3 and 7.  Cute is a word which doesn’t begin to describe it.  4 little girls more adorable than you can imagine….running, squealing, and playing with all of the energy and excitement you’d expect.  I loved the ultra youthful exhuberance that arrives when a rustling cloud of curls and ponytails of all sizes emerges from the basement into a roomful of thoughtful adults.  It was time to join the party and make their presence known.  That they did to the delight of everyone there, especially Grandmom and Grandpop and Aunties and Uncles.

Today is going to be awesome.  We’re attending a Workshop at the JCC, on Springdale and Kresson, Cherry Hill, NJ at 12:30  where my TSFL Health Coach  and chiropractor, Eric M. Stofman,DC  is going to be speaking on the topic What do You Really Want for Your Health in 2011? Part of the workshop will teach a principal called “structural tension” developed by Robert Fritz.  It’s a process of managing life’s challenges.  Everyone is invited – No Charge!  Come to the Fitness Center – we’ll see you there!

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