Practice, Practice, Practice

The 4th Point was to Practice Subjective Awareness.  That means you choose on what to focus.  So now we’re going to our imagination, thinking from the end, assuming the feelings of the wish fulfilled and now we’re choosing our focus.   Dr. Stofman offered this suggestion:  To embrace Smart Goals.  Smart goals could be understood this way:  S for specific..M for measurable…A for achievable..R for realistic…T for time-oriented.  I struggle with this particular challenge.  The things we want to focus on we can’t seem to and the things we don’t want to focus on consume all of our time.  Almost to the point where emotions dictate our entire lives.  I’m kind of like that.  So with the tools I’m gathering, I’m moving more in the direction of my desired outcome….my vision….my goals!  Ready for this?  “Energy flows where our attention goes!”  Think about that.

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