PCMR…..What is that?

A better question:  WHAT DOES IT STAND FOR?

It’s a ‘portion-controlled meal replacement‘.   It’s a wonderful tool that my clients and I have used over time to create health.  How does that work?

Learning to eat healthy foods can feel overwhelming.  Take Shape For Life has simplified the process a great deal, making it much easier for you to eat the foods that will support your health goals. At the same time, everyone could use a little help once in a while, and meal replacements are a proven way to help you bridge the gap between Habits of Disease and Habits of Health.

When working with  clients, I often hear people express skepticism toward meal replacements, saying things like “I am not going to eat fake food” or “I only eat whole foods” or “I am on the Paleo diet” or “I would never want to eat that packaged food that has a shelf life and isn’t fresh.”

There’s a lot to be said for meal replacements when they are used in conjunction with a proven system like the one that Take Shape For Life offers. At that point, what is being offered is more than meals. We are offering predictable results through a tested, proven transformation process.

Meal replacements, combined with the support of a health coach, make the learning process easier. Clients gradually learn to take control of their health, choosing healthy foods for all their meals, while also learning to incorporate the Habits of Health into all other aspects of their lives.

Meal replacements aren’t mandatory, but they can definitely help.  As a Take Shape For Life Health Coach we can have a conversation to see if meal replacements are right for you.


meal replacement picSo when answering the question  “What does it stand for?”  So much more than just food.  A program that provides clarity amidst the morass of weight loss, health, diets, and the ‘blue/green algae from the bottom of the volcano’.

One of the reasons I got to address the complications to my own health was thanks to the clarity that Take Shape For Life provides.  This conversation can’t wait!  Let’s have it!!!


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  1. Definitly need to hook us up with them. It’s my daughter’s wedding week so maybe two weeks from now we can meet and you can show us them??

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