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When we first met J, it was of all places on a cruise ship.  It was actually our first vacation since my own weight loss began some 7 months earlier.   I was down about 90 lbs when my husband and I embarked on the ship and I have to be perfectly honest, I was a little anxious about the possibility of being “trapped at sea” with all of that food in what really amounts to a floating cafeteria!

It had become my habit to carry my own ‘before and after’ picture displayed on my tote bag, which led to a number of conversations about my own weight loss journey.   It gave me a chance to share this program with people, one of those turning out to be J who together with a friend shared a table with my husband and I one night in the dining room. Our conversation concerned weight loss and how successful this program had been for us distinctively because we had a health coach to take the journey with.  It turned out to be something appealing to J, so we agreed to keep in touch because J wanted to get started on the program upon returning home….which we did…..which did happen!

What was unique about J is that there were certain health challenges.  Not so great that we could not move forward, but substantial.  You see, J had no thyroid.  A previous illness necessitated it’s removal.  So, for those who believe that  it is impossible for anyone without a thyroid to lose weight, J’s story totally belies that claim.   Over the months, J responded to having a health coach and the joy of watching the weight consistently go down was an ongoing celebration.   By the time J got to goal, the scale had given up 70 lbs!!!!  Incredible. 

What I find to be one of the most interesting things about J’s ride, was like so many others who begin, they never know what is in store.  Most don’t know they can take off that much weight and re-start life.  What always impressed me was how J  had a clearly defined desired outcome….and finally got to the goal which had been so elusive and all within a matter of months – DONE! 

What’s eluding you in your pursuit of health?   What kind of support do you need to get there?  What is the first step that will set in motion events that will ultimately return your life to you?  Tell me what I can do to get you started? 

In the months since J reached goal, the decision was made that it was important enough to help others as J was helped.   So J became a health coach, too!  Well, what does that mean?

A Take Shape For Life Health Coach is knowledgeable and caring.  We guide and support you through your weight loss phase, transition and maintenance to help you achieve optimal health. Each Health Coach has a different story, but has had personal success on the program and has trained to provide the guidance and support you need. Health Coaches come from a variety of backgrounds, geographic locations and cultures; however, they share the common goal of helping people to get healthy!  What an incredible way to spend your time.  You can be instrumental in helping people open doors for themselves to a life previously unimagined.  How about that?  

If this might be something that appeals to or resonates with you, I can guide you that way as well.   Just contact me and I’ll be thrilled to share the Optimal Health program or the Health Coach process, as someone did with all 10,000+ existing health coaches across the country.   Take Shape for Life is the next era in helping people to get healthy.   Want some?

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