Optimal Health Is Like A Precious Gem

Possessing a precious gem might represent a milestone in life.   The excitement and satisfaction that can surround the pursuit for such a treasure often begins when we consult a professional.  Finally settling on a choice can really be a memorable moment.  So if we begin to view our health as at least as much a treasure as something we are eager to wear on our fingers, ears or neck… we indeed are half-way there.   Our health should be as valuable to us as a glittery gem.  Many experts agree that the search for Optimal Health, often begins with losing weight.    So, why not begin this quest in the same way?  Consulting a professional….a health coach.   Losing weight with the support of a health coach offers us the critical and perhaps unexpected opportunity for us to leave ill health behind, and reduce or even eliminate medications.  Health coaches have the privilege and joy of guiding and mentoring those who are on this journey of discovery, much as a jeweler advises us when we go in pursuit of that other distinctive gift.   Unlike closing a sale, however, health coaches are interested in opening relationships.   Working with someone, and watching them achieve robust health, is what represents the real treasure.    

So give yourself the sparkly gift of health….optimal health.   Go ahead….untie the bow!  Your loved ones will thank you and, as your health coach, I will guide and mentor and celebrate your triumph.

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