Optimal Health – Identify Your WHY!

As I continue my own journey to better health, it has been my joy to serve my clients as their health coach.   As a Certified Health Coach with Take Shape For Life, I’ve spent the better part of the last two years coaching clients who want to actually create health in their lives.  While we all want to be vibrant and healthy, for each one, the desired outcome is a little different, of course.

It’s kind of like climbing a staircase that looking up, the top is obscured.   When I began weight loss in June of 2009, no one could have convinced me of the outcome.  As much as I wanted to believe that I had found the secret, it took one day at a time….more specifically, every 3 hours,  for me to begin to realize exactly what I had found.  And it wasn’t a secret….it was a simple, uncomplicated, do-able program.  Supported by my health coach who helped me see that I didn’t have to see the whole staircase to take the first step, after only 8+ months, I was at my first goal.  105lbs down!!!

Now, it is my role to coach people.  Part of what I encourage my clients to formulate is a WHY, their reason for their goal.  Ok, so we want to lose weight. Got it.  But why?  Why will losing help you, or change you, or improve you?  What is important enough to move you to your goal?

Remember, you don’t have to see the end of the road to begin the journey.  You just really need to know why you want to get there.  While you are at it, choose a SMART goal….specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-based.  Say for example, you want  to be a pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies in time for the 2011 World Series.  Is it specific?  Yes.  Is it measurable?  Yes.  Is it attainable?  Perhaps.  Is it realistic….and time-based?  Welllll, that may be another matter altogether.  So using SMART goals as a foundation to work from, we can really refine our WHY and put our goals well within reach.

One of my most recent success stories, SS, down 50 lbs. comes to mind when I think of goal setting.  He’s a terrific fellow who was very coachable, very engaged, excited and a little shy about his amazing accomplishment.  That’s the least I can say about someone who in relative good health, just wanted to excel and take it to the next level.  I am so proud to say he is a terrific example for others.  It doesn’t always have to be about reacting to an emergency, although in some cases it really does feel like that.  It can certainly be about wanting to be the best that you can be and in doing so, elevate your own health and opportunity to live a longer life.  SS is well into maintenance.  He has learned the principal of six small meals a day….gradually replacing PCMRs (portion-controlled meal replacements) with more main-stream, choices that will support his ongoing decision to keep the weight off and his risk low.

I always endeavor to present accounts of real people who are doing this.  Those who see passed the immediate satisfaction of the big piece of cake or the cheeseburger.  They have found out that it’s not the piece of cake or cheeseburger they have once in a while, but the one you have everyday that represents the need to make changes.  It is my sincere hope that if you are at this very same crossroads, that something you read here will move you along that path.  Oh, and by the way, I’ll be on that path as well…..waiting to greet you…..offering my help…..continuing the journey with you…..right on down through this happy solution.  I am more than available.  Call or email so we can identify your WHY and begin together.


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