Optimal Health – Be Ready!

Hope.  Moving it from concept to reality! 

The most astonishing thing happened recently which I positively must share.   Here’s some of the history.   PC, a friend, while visiting  family got together with me upon hearing about my personal weight loss journey of 105 lbs in 34 weeks back in 6/2009-3/2010, and then subsequently becoming a Health Coach.  Truly an amazing path that has led me here today.  But, while that’s huge, it’s not all about me!   Back to PC. 

Recognizing that any decision to begin weight loss would not only be physical, but chemical and emotional as well, PC began the program after receiving medical clearance from a physician because of some additional health issues not originating with the weight gain, but certainly impacted by it.   Very typical of new clients, there is always a period of adjustment when you begin to put the body back into balance after living a critically biased,  nutritionally deficient life for such a long time.  So along with the adjustment comes the realization that we need to commit not just to our choice of how we intend to proceed, but to ourselves…..as people.  To the one person who holds the power to succeed…..to us.   I had to do it and so did PC.   Alas, PC rose to the occasion, with me as the health coach for accountability and support, we began weight loss in November, 2010. 

Here we are….8 months later…..and PC still committed….and 70+ lbs down, returned for the next scheduled visit to the physician as agreed to when the “go-ahead” was given.

Now here’s the astonishing part of the story.  If a serious medical condition has 4 stages, PC began this journey at Stage 2.   So when she returned for her scheduled physician visit,  PC was informed by the doc that the condition had returned to Stage 1……Amazing!!!!  Now, a clear understanding that a ‘cure’ is not what we are describing here, but rather a significant step away from the serious gradient progression of an illness which could ultimately be life threatening.  That to me is truly astounding!  All through nutritional intervention….not pharmaceuticals…..but the right food, in the right quantity, at the right intervals! 

Is this not what every single human on the planet needs?  I needed it and it found me….PC needed it and it happened.  Take Shape For Life is looking for you.  You should know that the search is on!  What’s important is that when you are found, be ready to commit…..be ready to succeed……be ready to choose to go back to that place of better health.   Someone said “where there’s life, there’s hope!”  For PC, hope became the reality!   If what you just read sounds as fabulous to you as it is to me,  find truth in these words about hope……be ready.

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