We know that physical health is crucial to achieving optimal wellbeing. Our mental awareness is equally important. According to Co-founder and independent OPTAVIA Coach, Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen, there are four levels of consciousness.

Recognizing these four levels and evaluating what level(s) you have achieved is a great start when it comes to developing mental awareness and reaching the next level of consciousness

  1. Self-Interest: This level is about YOU. You are mostly focused on survival needs – a sense of belonging, being part of a community, and building personal self-esteem/ego.
  2. Actualized Self: You are currently at the point in life where you are figuring out what is important to you and your desires.
  3. Integrated Self: You are now able to open your window of tolerance and can accept the fact that we all have different opinions and views.
  4. Selflessness Self: Your way of thinking is universal and helping others, despite any differences, becomes natural.


To jump to the next level, accept accountability for your choices and actions and take the necessary steps to become the most genuine, humble, and compassionate version of YOU.


Remember, you’re not alone! Connect with me, your independent OPTAVIA Coach, for additional suggestions while on your journey.

Thanks Dr. A!


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