Achieving your health and wellness goals isn’t about making big, drastic lifestyle changes. It’s about practicing small, healthy habits and integrating them into your daily life consistently over time.

Here are ways you can create healthy habits that stick with you while you continue your transformation journey:

  • Start small. Start with something attainable by breaking down your habits. For example, instead of taking the stairs in your office every day of the week, start at once or twice a week, and then add more days as you develop endurance.
  • Be mindful. Being aware of why you make certain choices will provide you with a sound mindset, so you are able to continue implementing new changes.
  • Be patient. Change does not happen overnight; in fact, it can take several months of consistent behavior to create a habit that becomes second nature. If you find yourself breaking your new habit from time to time, be patient with yourself! Remember, it’s the overall journey to achieving optimal health and wellbeing that counts!
  • Use me, your Coach. I am here to offer you encouragement and keep you accountable. Please partner with me – I want to help you create these consistent behaviors to help you reach your health goals.

Remember, I’m always here to provide more insight and support on your health journey.

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