NEW You in Charge of Yourself Series Part IV: Present Self vs. Future Self

NEW You in Charge of Yourself Series
Part IV: Present Self vs. Future Self

Welcome to the final segment of our series on ‘You in Charge of Yourself’! Over the past month, we have discussed different tips and practices to implement into your daily life as you work towards building and maintaining the Habits of Health.

To close out the series, we will focus on your present self vs. your future self. In order to connect our present and future self, we must make decisions that are in our best interest by bringing immediate feedback to our actions that create those future benefits.

To connect present action to immediate and long-term rewards, try the following:

  • Recognize the difference between your present-self and future-self. Your present-self is you in the moment which is highly influenced by impulses and urges. Your future-self is the person you plan on becoming tomorrow, next week, or five years from now.
  • Understand how your brain is wired. Your brain is wired to favor your present-self and immediate rewards, which means you must train yourself to think differently about the choices you make in order to move towards optimal health.
  • Connect your current action to both immediate and long-term rewards. How can you think about your healthy choices—like going for a walk—in a way that rewards both your present-self and your future-self? For example, going for a walk will give me more energy and make me feel better in the present as well as lead me closer to a healthy weight and optimal health in the future.
  • Thanks Dr A!

Remember, you have total control over your decisions, and I am here to help you as your independent OPTAVIA Coach.

As we close out this series, let’s schedule a time to catch up on how you are feeling. I want to hear about your experience!


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