Now, more than ever, it is important to take time to focus on a critical element of our wellbeing that is often overlooked: our heart health.

A healthy heart is a key component of your journey to optimal health and wellbeing. Here are some actions you can take to boost your heart health and set the course for a great new year:

  • Light exercise. It is essential for your heart health to do some light exercise each day. Try taking a 10-minute walk around your neighborhood or lifting some two-pound weights a few times throughout your day. Practicing this Healthy Motion will help your heart pump blood throughout your body more efficiently, allowing your heart to keep your blood pressure under control.
  • Eat veggies. Vegetables contain many nutrients, particularly fiber, that are key to heart function. The nutrients help improve blood vessel function and blood circulation, which can help lower cholesterol and regulate blood pressure levels.
  • Go fish. On your next trip to the grocery store, go for fish instead of red meat. Fish is often rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which can help reduce inflammation, blood clots, and irregular heartbeats. Try eating a fish full of these fatty acids 1-2 times a week in your lean and green meal to boost your heart health and function.
  • Practice deep breathing. Take a few minutes each day to practice deep breathing. Sit or lie flat in a comfortable position, inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mouth. Completing this exercise will relax your body, slow your heart rate, and ease any anxiety you might be carrying. This stress-reducing activity can help lower your blood pressure.

Ask me, your Independent OPTAVIA Coach, about other ways to keep your heart happy and healthy.




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