INSPIRE…the WHAT and HOW to Capture Healthy Habits!

Habits are the actions that we do so frequently that they become our routine, even when we know they may not be the healthiest choices. Most unhealthy habits are a reaction to stress. The key to success is to identify the cause of these unhealthy choices, and then replace these choices with healthier options. Here are some tips for changing these stuck, unhealthy habits to productive, healthy habits:

  • Identify the cause. It’s important to identify the underlying cause for your habitsFor example, unhealthy eating may be your comfort outlet when you’re feeling stressed. Once you understand that your mood can affect your eating habits, try using a different outlet, like going on a walk or journaling about your feelings. When you acknowledge the power of small actions, it’s easy to see how shifting these behaviors can lead to positive results.
  • Make a plan. Write down your plan to yourself or create a vision board where you will regularly see your goal. Having a visible plan will make your objectives clear. When faced with a decision between a healthy or unhealthy choice, remember that making the healthier decision will give you a greater reward in the long run.
  • Have a support system. Reach out to a loved one or friend whenever you need some motivation or a word of encouragement. As your OPTAVIA Coach, I’m here to guide you and help keep you accountable. Also, our Community of like-minded people offer valuable insight and empowerment along your health journey.
  • Create realistic goals. Significant change does not occur overnight. Continue to implement small, healthy habits and create a realistic timeline to achieve your goal.
  • Forgive yourself. No one is perfect and if you make a mistake, don’t give up! A mistake actually provides valuable information—it provides more insight to your stressors and the actions you need to change in order to stay on track. The longer you stay off course, the bigger setback you will experience, so get right back into the game!

Ask me, your OPTAVIA Coach, about other ways to create healthy habits on your journey to Lifelong Transformation, One Healthy Habit at a Time®.

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