Heroes Among Us!

My day on Fridays is not a ‘business’ day but rather a day to catch up at homestethiscope heart.  As I was doing that, I had the TV turned on to public television and a documentary featuring Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia came on.

It featured several stories of in utero babies in crises for one reason or another.  The  issues ranged from a terrible mouth tumor to spinabifida to fetal demise.  From sadness to triumph, clearly all compelling, it was the heroism of the doctors and nurses who care for these little ones and their heartbroken parents that was so inspiring.  Their sacrifice was so touching, even to the extent of their surrender of precious time with their own families on behalf of these ones in such dire need.  The tone of the entire report was one of warmth, caring & deep commitment, coming from these health professionals.baby w baseball

Just wanted to mention this topic because as I observe those of us who live ‘normal’ lives,  we might struggle with being kind, or showing restraint, or embracing commitment or just living the finest qualities we admire so much.  I was so inspired by these stories.   The health profession today seems to be fraught with so much stress, on both sides of the issue, for so very many reasons.  But when you see the energy and creativity and technology brought to bear on these tiny beings, it takes one’s breath away!  baby girl

We truly do have some heroes among us.  Just wanted to offer a shout out to those who spend their time & energy in the service of others, even when those they serve do not yet even have a voice.

                                                                GOT HEROES?

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  1. Thanks for sharing these thoughts with us, Carol. I am always in awe of the professionals who witness these kinds of struggles on a daily basis. I imagine the triumphs make it all somehow worthwhile, but still…they must be some really resilient individuals, and in my book, that makes ’em heroes!

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