Here’s a Playout…..Creating a Healthy Life!

If not you, who?  If not now, when?  If not, why not?  Good questions to ponder if we are considering an adventure vacation or a change in our life circumstances like getting married or conceiving a child or even buying a home.  However, if we are not in impeccable health, how couldradio1 we ever fully enjoy any of those life events?

It was recently my joy & privilege to be featured on a local talk radio show where I was interviewed about how to create health.  It was a wonderful opportunity to provide some guidance and clarity on what it takes to create some new habits, stop looking back and  move forward in our lives and our health.  I’m thrilled to share the link of the broadcast with you.  I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I loved creating it for you!

Special Thanks to Hamilton Spotlight Radio…..Dave Bannister & Joe Babji

1 thought on “Here’s a Playout…..Creating a Healthy Life!

  1. Thanks so much for your comment. Not sure what you mean that you can’t find information on Diabetes 2. There’s tons of it! My info comes from 12 years of personal experience and then my transition to a healthier outlook and body thanks to a program that I did. As a result of that, I became a Health Coach and now coach others who are facing many of the same challenges that I successfully navigated.

    I never ask that any substitute my judgement or that of their doctor for my own. However, if you’d be interested in reading an excellent book on health in general, but especially moving toward health, please obtain a copy of Dr. A’s Habits of Health. Let me know if my comments are useful to you!

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