In Dr. A’s Habits of Health®, Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen defines optimal health as, “the highest degree of health that is possible for you to achieve.” In order to maintain optimal health, you need to organize your life and whatever matters most to you.

While success and financial freedom are great, your status and material things do not define you. Having fulfillment, purpose, and motivation are several key components of reaching optimal health and wellbeing. Knowing what’s truly going to fulfill and satisfy us can sometimes be challenging to figure out.

Below are some concrete ideas and tips for enjoying some areas of life to reach optimal health:

  • Take up a new hobby. Find a craft, sport, or adventure that you’ve always wanted to try, and do it.
  • Explore nature. Reconnect with nature and breathing fresh air by taking daily walks.
  • Eat healthy foods. The food you put into your body can impact your mood and energy levels. Having a healthy diet can help you reach and maintain a healthy weight, and reduce the risk of disease.
  • Take time to recognize your mood. Having the flexibility to recognize when change needs to happen and adjust your lifestyle accordingly.
  • Get plenty of sleep. Sleep plays an important role in physical health, brain function, and emotional wellbeing. Aim to get between seven to nine hours of sleep each night to allow your body ample time to revitalize.
  • Manage stress. Realizing that you are in control of your life is the foundation for managing stress. Take charge of your thoughts and emotions by identifying the stressors in your life and utilize coping methods that are healthy and productive.

If you haven’t already watched our transformative video series, featuring Your LifeBook – Elements 01-26, published on CLIENT ANSWERS, we invite you to engage and take a deeper dive into each element. These videos, Your LifeBook, and me, your independent OPTAVIA Coach, can give you the tools to empower yourself and move forward in creating optimal health and wellbeing. Check them out!

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