Does It Scare You? How Much?

As I beginFB_IMG_1438108018215 (1) writing, I’m finding that there are so many challenges for entrepreneurs surrounding this question.   Fears come from so many places and they surface perhaps when we least expect them!   Most often, when that feeling comes over us, there’s a tiny space in time when we decide how we’re going to manage it.  However, in the time it may take us to get TO that space we may end up taking an incredibly draining, (but unnecessary) ride!

This particular thought came up for me as I analyzed another month.  Seeing what I did, what I’d have liked to do, what worked, what I will put aside for perhaps future consideration.  These are perhaps thoughts or strategies that all entrepreneurs regularly appreciate.  The fear may arise at the prospect of not moving forward at a rate which would represent growth.  Without growth, eventually what we have built so far may die.  We read so much stuff published by motivators, good business heads, and incredibly successful people.  Yet, in our heart of hearts, we know that not every month looks the way we want it to.  When asked the question…is your business exactly where you want it to be?…..who of us will always answer ‘yes’?  Is yours?  So on the path to THAT space where the fight or flight fork-in-the-road reveals itself, we have an opportunity to once again prove to ourselves why we chose this path to begin with.

I can vividly recall peering out the window of my cubicle one day over six years ago.  My only thought as I watched the leaves gently blowing in the wind and the afternoon sun shining brightly was how the heck am I going to get out of here and do something that will be rewarding….to help myself by helping others?  Therein lay the power…the antidote to the fear.  The WHAT and the WHY of it!

I have found the vehicle that will allow me to do that.  Implementing the same strategy for health that I’ve been sharing with my clients of STOPCHALLENGECHOOSE….is just as effective as a business strategy.  STOP….think about where you started, how far you’ve come, and what you’ve already accomplished.  CHALLENGE ….look at what the possibilities are, see if there are opportunities you may have overlooked, or business mentors who are more than willing to lend a guiding hand, and then CHOOSE….decide what you want and why you want it!

Remember, FEAR only means this: Face Everything And Recover! Facing-fear-is-the-new-black1 That’s why we do what we do!  We have stared  into the abyss and have come off victorious, yet again!  So, as fear-less entrepreneurs facing the last quarter of another year of challenges and opportunities, what will we do?

What will YOU do?


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