The winter season is filled with traditions and celebrations. You can enjoy yourself without compromising your health goals by focusing on festivities without food!

Surround yourself with an abundance of joy of this season – make the focal point of your special occasions about memorable experiences, and enjoy the company of loved ones without feeling the stress of food.

  • Pamper yourself. You deserve it! There are many ways to relax and treat yourself and a loved one or friend. Enjoy an at-home spa day with soothing music.
  • Get crafting. Pick a seasonal craft to sit around the table and complete with your family members.  Here’s something:  MAKE A VISION BOARD!!!
  • Experience the arts virtually. Enjoy a virtual musical or theatrical performance; there are tons taking place. Search the internet to find exciting upcoming virtual performances the whole family will enjoy!
  • Socialize virtually. It’s been a loooooonnnnng year!  ZOOM makes it easy to socialize and reconnect. Schedule some video calls with friends and family to talk and stay in touch. The possibilities are endless!
  • Break out the board games. Dust off Monopoly and enjoy some family-friendly competition. Pull your favorite games and have a game night. An evening of laughter and fun is just what you need!
  • Move outside. Gather your family and head outside! There are many ways to enjoy the outdoors throughout every season, like an old-fashioned snowball fight or a sled ride. Family of all ages will benefit from some fresh air fun!
  • Give your time. There are many places that need donations this time of year. Give back to your community and safely donate food to a local soup kitchen or other organization of your choice.  Cheer someone else up! You’ll be glad you did.

Ask me, your Independent OPTAVIA Coach, about other ways to celebrate the holidays that don’t involve food!

Reprinted and edited (only slightly :)) from this week’s HABITS OF HEALTH Newsletter!

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