The first six elements in Your LifeBook laid the foundations to help you build a healthy, new future. Exploring how ready, confident, willing and capable you are to start creating your desired change.

This week, we’ll focus on making simple, yet powerful, changes to your environment to make it easier to navigate when working towards your goals!

Throughout your day, there are several opportunities to set yourself up for success and make it easier to make healthy choices.

Consider the tips below as you work to create an environment that’s supportive of your health goals:

  • Set a daily plan. Plan how you will make healthy decisions This is the first step to creating healthy habits. Write out a daily task list and take notice of how you can stick to a routine to optimize each day on Plan.
  • Control your food environment. Rid your cabinets of unhealthy foods that could sabotage your healthy eating. Then, head to your local grocery store or farmers market and purchase lean proteins, vegetables, and whatever else you may need for your Lean & Green Meals!
  • Track your change. After making these adjustments, create a journal, or use Your LifeBook, and write down your changes and accomplishments as you’ve improved your environment to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.
  • Have a support system. Creating a positive support system can help you handle difficult situations, find resources and motivate you to succeed.

Reach out to me, your independent OPTAVIA Coach, and the OPTAVIA Community for support on your journey to optimal health and wellbeing. I’m here for you every step of the way!

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