2009_11_19_11_03_33.pdf000Carol AFTER_3 What’s Your View of the Next Peak?

I can tell you, I didn’t have one!  Not because I didn’t want one, I just needed to know which direction to look in!

I can show you tons of  pictures of myself “before” and you would ‘ooh’ and ‘ahhhh’ and say WOW!  But, what is unseen in all of them  would be what was happening on the inside.

Yearly, monthly, daily, hourly, minute by minute,  I was dying a little.  Not just physically, but mentally, and emotionally.


Because the avalanche of overwhelm is indescribable.

  What does that mean?

For me, it simply meant that I was never free of the burden that I had, like so many others, created for myself.  I was fun at parties and always cutting up and laughing, but the disapproving gape of the vast majority of those around me, never, ever, ceased!  Did I try not to care what others thought?  Of course, and I was good at it.  I did it so well, I numbed my own thoughts for 27 years.

How did I change it?

Someone allowed me to see the next peak.  Someone set judgment aside and said “You can do this”….”it’s time’…..”if not now, when?”…..”I will walk alongside you”.  And, they did.

What now?

I simply had to ‘pay it forward’.  I had recovered from a decades’ long coma for which I still may  be counting the cost.  However, as it rests with me TODAY, as I write this blog TODAY, as I peek at the next peak, TODAY, I am on my way to the next peak, clear & ready to climb higher!  Enjoy the video here.  It may be the gateway to the peak of your mountain!  I’ll be here and we can climb it together!



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