Every day we are faced with choices.

According to Co-Founder and independent OPTAVIA Coach, Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen, we face these three types of choices on a daily basis: primary, secondary, and fundamental.

  • Primary choices decide the one thing we want most, such as optimal health.
  • Secondary choices define the daily actions that support our primary choices, such as eating one Lean & Green meal each day.
  • Fundamental choices define our state of being, or our choice to find lifelong transformation.

The best part is that you are empowered and fully responsible for your actions. You don’t have to let circumstances drive your decisions because you are in control.

This means there is really no such thing as “cheating,” because you decide what will impact your long-term health and wellbeing. That said, it’s important to be forgiving of yourself as no one is perfect and occasionally you will have the urge to revert back to old habits.

The easiest way to stay vigilant in making healthy, positive choices is to practice Stop. Challenge. Choose:

  • Stop. Take a slow, deep breath to help control your emotions. Recognize that you are triggering an unhealthy habit. Pausing and taking a breath helps to regain control.
  • Challenge. Think about why you are responding to the situation the way you are. Remind yourself of your goals and the choices that can help you reach these goals.
  • Choose. Make the healthy choice that gives you a similar reward but is much better for your long-term health.
  • THANKS, DR. A!

Remember, it takes time to form new habits and turn unhealthy choices into healthy habits, so it will take equal time to practice and then implement new, healthy habits. By practicing Stop. Challenge. Choose, you will train your brain to make healthy decisions becomes an automated response.

For additional tips or guidance on how to go about developing healthy habits, please connect with me, your independent OPTAVIA Coach!


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