How many times do we seek a solution to a problem?  When sometimes as we search for answers, it can be right in front of us but we often don’t recognize it.   A common occurrence in this roller coaster we call ‘life’.  What is wonderful is when we actually find an answer, choose to accept it, follow-up and succeed!  That’s when we know all is right with the world and we are on track.

And so, we come to my client, MH.  This wonderful  warm, enthusiastic, young man took a few years to decide to get healthy.   The journey for him was not one that he undertook in a vacuum.  Having an extensive knowledge of the body and a personal philosophy of health, one element was still eluding him.  How to get to a healthy weight?  Isn’t this a challenge for so many today?  What creates the difficulty is that not everyone with weight concerns are eating bon-bons all day long.  Twinkies are not often somehow finding their way onto the plate of everyone who has weight concerns.  Yet, the scale stays put and the blood sugars stay up and the cholesterol increases and the blood pressure begins to ascend.

It’s really more about creating balance than counting calories.  We already have the biological tools in place to reduce the number on the scale.   We just have to access them and begin the ‘burn’ which will ultimately melt off the pounds.  Yes, there is also the ‘what’, but if we put this issue into the medium frame we may find that we are not eating all that much out of control and that perhaps along with a slight adjustment to the what, perhaps we can tweak the when and how much.  It may not always be easy but it is simple.  The very best way to achieve balance is to have the  body arrive at a point where what we put in, is burned, utilized for nutrition, and the rest done away with as waste.   What is key is to keep from storing our intake as fat.  That’s where the deliberate, scheduled, specific macro nutrients,  and metered portions pays off!  Sound complicated?  Not really.  Look at it like this:  Six (6) small portions, every 3 hours and 64 ozs of water.  DONE!

MH found that this incredible method worked so well, he burned off 35 lbs in less than 2 months.  And now, as a health coach professional himself, he is able to pay it forward and share it with others.  What a privilege to surround ourselves with people who are like minded and who you can have on your Board of Directors.  MH is on mine.  I hope I am on his.

So in this season of challenge, there is choice.  Our choices can provide the solution.  Sailing in on the wings of our solution, is clarity.  Clarity sharpens focus and helps us to advance in the direction of our desired outcome.    If you want clarity on this point of choice so far as it depends on your health goals, I would be thrilled to share what helped MH and me in ways very exciting and unexpected.


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