Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every October, the color pink pops up in full force. From pins to sports uniforms, people integrate pink into their wardrobes to support breast cancer awareness month.

From awareness and public health education, advances in research are possible. Follow the tips below, in addition to screening and early detection methods, to raise awareness and stay healthy:

  • Get active!  Find a breast cancer awareness walk near you! It’s great way to get active, while also spreading awareness. If you are not ready to implement exercise yet, that’s ok! Attend the walk and cheer on everyone participating to show your support. Click here to find a race or walk near you.
  • Donate By making a donation, you can honor of a survivor, loved one, or help those who have breast cancer. Check out Breast Cancer Charities of America (BCCA) for a list of ways you can help women and men who are battling breast cancer.
  • Rock your pink! Who doesn’t love the color pink? Show your support by wearing pink all month long. Grab a themed tee shirt from a non-profit that donates to breast cancer awareness organizations or hospitals.

Ask me, your independent OPTAVIA Coach, about other ways you can give back and pay it forward as an OPTAVIA Client.

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