The recent era of technology has made life easier in countless ways.

While your electronics can sometimes be obstacles in reaching optimal health and wellbeing, you can also leverage the useful tools in your smartphone to help you stay on Plan.

Here are some healthy ways to utilize your smartphone while working towards a health goal(s):

  • Set reminders. Setting reminders during the day is a great way to ensure you incorporate the microHabits of health, like a healthy mind or motion, into your day. Try setting a reminder to take a short walk, practice deep breathing, and get up during the day to stretch and recalibrate
  • Exercise your brain. During your drive to and from work or while going for a walk, try listening to an audiobook, a Habits of Health webinar recording, or a podcast. This new information will not only stimulate your brain, but you’ll learn something new and get the benefits of healthy movement!
  • Track your sleep. Try the Sleep Cycle alarm clock! This app monitors your sleep patterns and gently wakes you up after at least eight hours of sleep, at your designated time in the morning, helping you feel refreshed! You can also track your sleep each night to ensure you reach recommended hours.

Ask me, your Independent OPTAVIA Coach, for more ways you can harness the power of your smartphone to help you achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

**We recommend drinking 64 ounces of plain water each day. Please talk with your healthcare provider prior to changing the amount of water you drink, as it can affect certain health conditions and medications.

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