Anything’s Possible….Just Ask You!

spark in the handWell, here we are….a hair’s breadth away from a brand, spanking new year!  I truly hope all is well.

I just wanted to connect to see if there is any way I may serve as your health coach!  It makes sense, since at this time of year, many are setting goals in many areas of life.  Health is usually one of them. 

As I’m writing, I’m hoping that we can stay connected throughout 2016, whether it’s on FaceBook or other social media, text, cell or email. 

Lyndon B. Johnson wrote….

“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose!”

I love what that says because there is no judgment here….just possibility!  We often spend a lot of time in judgment, especially if it relates to our health, weight or emotions.  There are times when all that we think, say or do comes to rest on our own shoulders and often we judge ourselves harshly, often unfairly.

If someone offered you an opportunity for optimal health, would you take it?  Would you take a chance on yourself….by finding out exactly what YOUR optimal health is?  It means doing the best you can with what you have.  Now, those parameters may be defined by our age, current health or diagnosis, or perhaps even our circumstances.  However, do we really know what our best is until we begin to see where this journey may take us?  Oh, wow….what a concept!!!! 

As always it would be my great pleasure to walk alongside you to find out! This Wellness Evaluation may be a first step for you.  Please complete it (both sides), add up your score and in so doing, open the next chapter in the book of your life.  I’m always available to help you write it! 

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