Take Shape For Life – A Gift For You!

It has always been my intention to share the successful stories of my clients who are reaching out for optimal health.  That, of course, includes my own journey.

Take Shape For Life has offered me and those who really see what it is, an opportunity for change that can serve us throughout the rest of our lives.  What a concept!

I have in mind sharing the stories of my successful clients with the hope, of course, that their stories will inspire and encourage you to move in the direction of your desired outcome. By that, I mean that just like a GPS, there are two valuable  elements to a journey such as this.  One is knowing where you are, what is …..your current reality.  And the other is your desired outcome…what you want.  The tension created between those two poles can be enough to propel you forward, much like an arrow shot from a bow.  What can promote the forward motion are the action steps or choices or what you do that can make all the difference.   This is called structural tension and it is an invaluable tool for laying out a plan and purpose for almost anything we want to do.  In this case, it is to get to a particular health goal or number on the scale.

Like for example my client BsY.  He came to me as a referral from his cardiologist.  He is a very tall guy and at the time, recuperating from a work-related injury to his back.  Weighing in at 335, sick and injured, BsY began the Take Shape For Life program.  Five months later, and down almost 70 lbs, we are excited about his upcoming return visit to his doctor.   In the meantime, BsY’s significant other DB, is down over 30 lbs.  This program is amazing for creating health and return to a life yet imagined.  I am evidence of that as well.

So here’s the thing.  Overweight and obesity is creating a crisis in our health system today which has it creaking and moaning under the strain.  Not to mention that people are sick and life for many has become mundane and uninspired.

As a Take Shape For Life Health Coach it is my best day to meet people like BsY and DB.  To see them respond in a positive way to the guidance that is helping to restore their health and to see the sparkle return is a joy that still inspires me.

It would be my joy to share this very same program with anyone who is looking to create health in their life, design a new life or return to the things that once were a source of joy and happiness.    Life is a gift and can be lived full out if we accept the invitation.  So here’s yours…..come on with us!


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