To meet someone over of all things, the writing of a dear friend’s obituary is to say the least,  a little morbid.  However, that first encounter with VW was anything but.  VW had the biggest, brownest, flashing, most beautiful eyes and a fabulous smile to match.   VW was the ‘scribe’ who was helping the grieving family decide how to word the life story of our suddenly gone and already deeply missed friend and for most in the room, beloved cousin.

It was several weeks later when our conversation turned personal.   VW shared with me how doctors consistently offered bariatric surgery….insisting that it would be the only viable solution to the extra weight that had turned the 5′ tall, 280 lb frame into a burden and contributed to the very unhealthy state now the reality.   Among other things,  VW had undergone some tests and had received a disturbing diagnosis of congestive heart failure.   A solution was necessary, but it would not be surgical.  VW was firm on that score.  But what?  What would provide the much needed and critical solution to the problem?  My personal experience with weight loss included 105 lbs off in 34 weeks, eliminating a diabetes diagnosis and 5 related medications.   It was my success that would prove to be the ‘carrot and the stick’.  So, VW called and I and TSFL answered.

On March 25, VW went forward with the program called Take Shape For Life, a pathway to health and wellness program  – VW and me, her healthcoach – a day that would prove to be life changing.   This journey to optimal health, which starts sometimes very gingerly, delicately even, so as not to jar the emotional balance that teases one’s resolve to finally take action. 

In three months, VW is down 42 lbs.  The twinkly brown eyes, the beautiful smile in tact!  What’s been added is the commitment to more optimal  health with never a moment’s hesitation.  That is what is truly remarkable about VW – the resolve to keep going…to get to that goal and to stay engaged. 

Someone once said “the quality of our lives is determined by the quality of the questions we ask ourselves.”  So perhaps it’s time for those questions….the tough questions…..the important questions.   Raise your hand and know that if you ask, Take Shape For Life and I will answer.

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