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I’m writing  about a very dear client, and in time, a close friend, I hope.  She is JKF.  Her history is short since she’s just been on the program for six weeks!  Her committment has been unshakable….she has plugged in, in a way I very rarely see.  She has been able to see the value of having a health coach and the intelligence of a program researched and clinically proven by doctors for over 30 years.    That said, here’s what so amazing about JKF.  Three weeks in, her husband of only three years suddenly died.   He had a heart malfunction, brought on by an apparent respiratory episode.  

So, what did she do?  She kept going.  She realized that getting herself down to a healthy weight would mean the difference in her own health and it’s response to life’s stresses.   There had not been enough time to share her vision with the one who could have benefitted from it the most, so she just kept going!  Undaunted and firm in her resolve to improve her health. 

What does that say for the rest of us?  At the first sign of trouble, many of us find ourselves hugging the refrigerator like it is our long lost teddy bear….our only real source of comfort.   We are so predictable sometimes, eh?  Yet, it is that very opportunity that is afforded to us to prove to ourselves that once we establish where we want to go, if we stay on the path, we will get there no matter what obstacles we encounter.  The question that begs answering is why we don’t get going.  Why do we step back instead of walking forward? Perhaps we’re just not ready….or we don’t see the urgency of  changing what we allow our bodies to absorb nutritionally….or we suffer a sort of paralysis due to our circumstances.  A wonderful mentor of mine reminds me on a regular basis that our circumstances do not define us….they reveal us.  Isn’t that the cool truth?   When the rubber hits the road, we really find out who we are.  That is certainly true of JKF.  She is indeed inspirational to me and I’m sure to those who hear her story. 

Terrible things can happen to us at any time.   I’m not saying that it’s abnormal to react to them.  Of course, we do.  It would be abnormal not to.  However, taking a page out of JKF’s book instructs us that our lives and well being never deserve taking a back seat to our circumstances.   If we make optimal health our quest, it will be our constant companion no matter what mountain we need to climb, what problem we need to solve or what crisis we need to cope with.  If we are accompanied by optimal health, we can breathe through, stride along with and soar over it.  Therein lies the wisdom. 

JKF is now 18 lbs down in just about 6 weeks.  She set the arrow and let fly!  She’s on her way!   As her Health Coach, I’m thrilled for her.   I experience the same kind of thrill with all of my clients.  To see the weak ones strengthened, to see the unsure achieve, and to see the process morph into a win, win!   What a joy to spend my time in that circle!  There’s room there for you.  Join us!

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