Optimal Health – Go For It!

As a health coach, using the Habits of Health system, it has been my thrill and pleasure to walk alongside a number of people during their journey.  I’m thinking perhaps it might be helpful to document some of their journey to optimal health, in the hope that it will encourage and inspire the reader to take action.   The weight loss client who immediately came to mind is RT.  He discovered this program after meeting another of my clients who had lost over 60 lbs.  He was so amazed and had to know what the deal was….(“how’d he do that?”)   He felt that it was probably about time for him to get going and get healthier since during a recent experience he had at a meeting, stood up and the chair came with him.  It was time.  And so he began.  In less than 6 weeks, RT’s weight came down 55 lbs.  The joy I hear in his voice when I speak to him during our weekly calls is palpable.  His doctors are thrilled and can now look at his medical management in a very different light   He’s still plugging away with a goal of another 48 lbs.  Stay tuned!

If you relate to RT, as many of us do, perhaps it’s time to move in that direction.  I know it’s daunting…I know it’s scary….I know it’s a mountain.  Well here it is:  So what?  So what if its daunting….so what if it’s scary….so what if it’s a mountain.  People face fear and obstacles all the time and they succeed.  Why not you?  You just have to want to “zip out” of the skin you are in.  In fact, that might be a great exercise to you visual and kinesthetic learners. 

Pretend there’s a big giant zipper at the back of your neck.  Reach back there….that’s it..stretch back and grab hold of the slider.  Now….P U L L !!!  That’s it…over the top of your head…down the bridge of your nose…over your throat…down your chest…past your belly and right on down both legs to the tips of your toes.  Then, careful now, balancing on one foot at a time, take a big step, first with the left foot, then the right.  Wiggle your shoulders and push forward as if you are removing a coat that no longer fits you….since that’s exactly what you are doing!  Whew! You’re out!  What a relief!   Repeat, repeat, repeat until you begin to believe in yourself.   Because that’s the only thing standing between where you are and where you want to be….between your current reality and your desired outcome….between what is….and what you want!  Belief in yourself!  Get Some!

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