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“Tomorrow is Another Day”!

Scarlett O’Hara may have said it best….”Tomorrow is another day”!tomorrow-is-another-day_take-it-easy

I’ve been stuck at home for the last 3 days (with 3-4 more expected) just waiting out recovery of  a surgical procedure on my foot and am forbidden any weight bearing.   I find I’m trolling TV way more than usual because I can’t concentrate much more than a few minutes because of distraction of pain, medication side effects, and catching up on needed rest from several sleepless nights in a row.   After a while it’s just pointless because no matter how many channels you have, it’s typically the same things, over and over and over again. Continue reading “Tomorrow is Another Day”!

Anything’s Possible….Just Ask You!

spark in the handWell, here we are….a hair’s breadth away from a brand, spanking new year!  I truly hope all is well.

I just wanted to connect to see if there is any way I may serve as your health coach!  It makes sense, since at this time of year, many are setting goals in many areas of life.  Health is usually one of them. 

As I’m writing, I’m hoping that we can stay connected throughout 2016, whether it’s on FaceBook or other social media, text, cell or email. 

Lyndon B. Johnson wrote…. Continue reading Anything’s Possible….Just Ask You!

You’ve Never Seen the Likes of Us!


fancy hurricane

We are living in uncertain times, to be sure!  There are crises, problems, challenges, issues, both political and personal and everywhere in between.  However, if we yearn to get healthier so we are at our best every day, this might just be the thing!

Our event with Dr. Wayne Andersen, this Saturday in King of Prussia, can provide answers that we can be certain of.  Continue reading You’ve Never Seen the Likes of Us!

Does It Scare You? How Much?

As I beginFB_IMG_1438108018215 (1) writing, I’m finding that there are so many challenges for entrepreneurs surrounding this question.   Fears come from so many places and they surface perhaps when we least expect them!   Most often, when that feeling comes over us, there’s a tiny space in time when we decide how we’re going to manage it.  However, in the time it may take us to get TO that space we may end up taking an incredibly draining, (but unnecessary) ride! Continue reading Does It Scare You? How Much?

The Incredible Power of “I Am”….

what you think mattersIn a conversation I was having with one of my mentors recently we spoke about understanding how our beliefs drive our feelings, and how those feelings drive our actions.  Many people believe however,  that circumstances or events drive our feelings.  Actually, our beliefs frame our perceptions of those circumstances and events.  Take a moment and let that penetrate.  Perhaps this example will clarify how events do not elicit feelings, beliefs do. Continue reading The Incredible Power of “I Am”….